Affordable Drone Inspection in Lexington

At Sefcovic Home Inspections, we endeavor to deliver innovative data processes and content delivery, with our aerial drone inspections and delivering high-quality geospatial images with enhanced speed and precision for both the public and private sectors.

Our aerial drone inspections in Lexington KY provide exceptional quality of data through drone surveys and proficient mapping. Not only do we provide accurate data but also give a pocket-friendly service. Our drone inspections allow industries and businesses to make mindful decisions more cost-effectively as compared to other drone inspection companies.

Our drone inspections are highly accurate compared to other inspection companies providing drone services. Our drone inspection business helps in GIS Surveying, drone inspection, mining services, flood Assessment, crop health monitoring, topographic survey, UAV data processing, 3D mapping, aerial photography, and wind turbines.

Our specialized aerial drone inspection services have earned many awards and a great reputation in the inspection industry for our knowledge, experience, and skill to provide excellent results and services, teamwork, and reliable equipment.

Our drone pilots in Lexington, Kenctucky are highly qualified, present a high-end UAV survey, and provide the data 10x faster than other traditional methods. It produces up to 99% accurate volumetric measurements and yield estimation without any manual errors.

Aerial Drone Inspection

Drone inspections have become very popular these days in almost every industry like maintenance utility towers, roof of tall buildings, roads, railways, agricultural industries, chemical industries, bridges, etc. that require visual inspections as part of its maintenance procedures. Drone inspections help in collecting visual data on the condition of an asset and avoid having inspectors place themselves in dangerous situations like climbing several on an electrical tower.

When inspecting structures like a cell phone tower, boilers, pressure vessels, an inspector needs to climb the entire tower or the sides of the boiler looking for areas that might need maintenance and visually reviewing every square inch as they go.

Drone inspection makes it possible to access difficult areas properly without posing a threat to the health and safety of the inspector and also prevents environmental risks in a fast and safe way. In fact, it optimizes the production of the inspection process, reduces downtime and it gives accurate results eliminating manual errors.

Drone Photography & Video

At Sefcovic home inspections, our latest model of drones captures breathtaking and superior quality aerial pictures showcasing the issue with property clearly and collects, inspect, and analyze critical data for your business. Our premium quality aerial photos, videos, maps & data are captured by one of our highly trained and experienced professional drone pilots & photographers. Our certified pilots have all the necessary skills & training required to get the job done right and accurately on the first try and on time.

We offer our aerial photography & videography services and provide professional efficiency and reliability for your property inspections. Our expert drone operators are experienced and trained well enough to handle any kind of complex project.

Our drones can survive any temperature in the property structure and still provide high-quality photographs clearly demonstrating the damage and issues in maintenance utility towers, roads, railways, agricultural industries, chemical industries, bridges, power generation, mining, oil & gas, coal-fired boilers, nuclear power plants, heat recovery steam, generators, wind turbines, hydropower plants, solar panels, transformers, chimneys, etc.

How Our Drone Inspection Works ?

At Sefcovic Home Inspections, we only use the aerial drone made of premium quality from the reputable manufacturer. During our aerial drone inspection, a FORCE technology pilot who has a good knowledge of the technology and is well-trained in it operates the drone. During the flight, our certified personnel usually operate the camera, record video, and direct the pilot to the required points of special interest, and cover all the views from different angles of the property.

The aerial drone inspection is completed 10x faster than the traditional inspection methods. Analysis of the data collected from the pictures taken during drone inspection is a difficult task and requires a heavy workload. We have inspection experts who specialize in analyzing and interpreting the data collected from the drone inspection working with.

An inspection report is produced, based on the analysis and interpretation of this data is usually classified into three categories of red, yellow, and green based on the priority according to the seriousness of the issue. This report is useful for creating a plan for cost-effective improvements.

If you have any requirements of drone inspections in Lexington KY or surrounding areas, we are your most trustworthy and one-stop solution. Call our customer support team today to get the free estimates of our services.

Same-Day Inspection Reports

As soon as the home inspection is completed, we start working on making a computerized copy of the detailed inspection reports based on the issues reported by our home inspectors. Our inspection reports are easy to understand and come with high-quality images captured by the home inspectors during the inspection process, which is provided to you on the same day at your registered email address.

Our detailed home inspection reports help the sellers fix the reported issues before putting up the property on sale. This eliminated the possibilities of potential doubts and negotiations with the buyer and faster selling of the house. In fact, our pre-listing home inspection helps to sell the defect-free house at a higher value. It is always better to identify possible issues before so your buyers will not find a reason to bargain for the price.

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