Pre-listing Inspections Lexington

It is highly recommended for a buyer to take advantage of a pre-listing inspection that helps to facilitate the sale of their home. A pre-listing home inspection allows you to examine your home through the eyes of a third party. It gives the buyers the chance to address potential deficiencies or safety issues before they become a concern for a potential buyer.

There are very high chances that the property buyer is dealing with many issues hidden from them, and hence, by having a pre-listing home inspection you become aware of all the possible issues that may show up in the inspection report. A pre-listing inspection is an opportunity that allows you the chance to address corrections, make repairs, and adjust the price listed for your home, on your own terms, to limit a buyer’s objections before closing.

Call us today to avail good deals on our home inspection services or for free price estimates and for a certified Lexington home. We provide our home inspections in many cities in Kentucky including Lexington and surrounding areas.

Get Pre Listing Home Inspection Services

Our pre-listing inspections are performed by our highly trained, skilled, and experienced home inspectors who are very punctual and diligent at their work ensuring no harm is caused to the property. They are friendly and knowledgeable and help you with all your concerns and questions during the inspection process for your better knowledge.

We help the sellers and real estate agents to have the home pre-inspected prior to putting it on the market for sale. Our inspection reports give a chance to the sellers to fix all the defects listed in it in advance. We help maintain the seller’s reputation in the market by selling a certified and defect-free home. and make the entire selling process and transaction more smooth and swift.

We provide our professional pre-listing services in Lexington KY and surrounding areas within 2 days of your request and also take up emergency requests.

Same-Day Inspection Reports

As soon as the home inspection is completed, we start working on making a computerized copy of the detailed inspection reports based on the issues reported by our home inspectors. Our inspection reports are easy to understand and come with high-quality images captured by the home inspectors during the inspection process, which is provided to you on the same day at your registered email address.

Our detailed home inspection reports help the sellers fix the reported issues before putting up the property on sale. This eliminated the possibilities of potential doubts and negotiations with the buyer and faster selling of the house. In fact, our pre-listing home inspection helps to sell the defect-free house at a higher value. It is always better to identify possible issues before so your buyers will not find a reason to bargain for the price.

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